“Even if someone was to say I was a celebrity, I’d reply by saying I’m the worst celebrity in the world. A crap celebrity. I don’t have any celebrity friends and I don’t go out partying all the time. My day out is going to Tesco. I could go out every night if I wanted, and because of the perks of this job I could get into nightclubs and have a load of free drinks, but I’d rather pay four quid for a quiet pint up the road watching Sky Sports. People who want to do that whole party/celebrity life, let them do it. Each to their own, but that’s not for me.”

— Niall, Who We Are. x (via kryptoniall)

“If you think that life in a pop band is normal, that it’s normal for you to stand on stage and sing to 50,000 people, that it’s normal for girls to wait outside your hotel all day and night just to say ‘Hello’ for two minutes… if you ever think all that’s normal, well, then you’re in trouble. That’s not normal, in any way. I think it’s very important that your mindset keeps hold of that crucial fact because otherwise it can become your whole life. I always try to retain some element of a private life, so I go and work with the band really hard and then when I’m not working I like to just see friends and hang out, go swimming, have a meal out, or whatever. After a gig or a really hard day with the band I always need an hour or so to unwind a little bit. It’s an amazing life to have, but I think the reason why people sometimes struggle with it is because the lines can very easily become blurred. It’s a tricky balance to maintain.”

— Harry, Who We Are Autobiography +  (via halfsleeper)

“Again, though, this was when the One Direction gang mentality came into its own. We’d just close ranks and pick up whoever was feeling homesick or tired or down, and off we’d go again. I’ve heard it said that the best bands are gangs, and I really believe that. We’re a gang and, whatever happens in the future, we’ll always be a gang. Even if in 50 years’ time if one of us is doing a project without the others, I’d like to be there to support them.”

— Zayn, Who We Are (x)


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Happy 21st birthday, Niall James Horan

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